Le Centre de Médecine & Chirurgie esthétique

It’s already the end of autumn and the approach of the holiday season. For those who would like to give a refreshing freshness, a more energetic and younger look, respecting your natural physiognomy, it is possible, and this, in a short time.

The Center for Medicine & Plastic Surgery offers you treatments and treatments on the cutting edge of current and proven scientific knowledge, since 1992 to help you age in style. Prevention still tastes better than intervention when it is still possible.

During a consultation, a facial rejuvenation program will be offered according to the assessment of the condition of your face while respecting your budget. Whether it is injectable fillers, botox or rejuvenation lasers, an adapted and progressive program will be proposed to you and a copy will be given to you.

Back from 3 world conferences that took place in October, this one allowed us to check with our colleagues around the world, that our techniques are more advanced, safe with remarkable results, as you will see in the 2 examples below.

« Disclaimer: These photos are published as an indication to provide information on the nature of the intervention and are not a guarantee of results. »

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us in Longueuil at 450-677-5533, in Granby at 450-378-0030 or on the website at www.esthetique.qc.ca

If you wish to attend one of our VIP information evenings, contact us.

Dr. Pierre Courchesne, MD, LMCP, Flex Board
Medical Director
Center for Medicine & Plastic Surgery

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